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 Barbarian Guide .

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PostSubject: Barbarian Guide .   Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:39 pm


The barbarian is one of the most dangerous and feared sights on the battlefield.
Their combat style focuses on strength, aggression, and relentless assault

Whether wielding two-handed weapons that sweep through enemy lines or fighting with a weapon in each hand, when the opportunity to deliver that devastating killing blow comes, they are ready.

Wounding barbarians enrages them, making them stronger and more deadly in battle and their varied array of powerful attacks can knock an enemy senseless, immobilize them, or make the very ground shake around them. Like other rogues, they excel at sneaking and the arts of ambushing.

Archetype : Rogue

Permitted Races: Cimmerian, Aquilonian

Weapons: One-handed edged, one-handed blunts, two-handed edged, two-handed blunts, bows, thrown weapons, and dual wielding.

Armor: Cloth armor and light armor

Feat Guide:

Great Weapons master build:

Butcher build:

Cheat the Reaper build:

Leveling/Straight DPS build:

I didn't take any of the aggro reducing talents, add them if you want a more group oriented build.
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PostSubject: Re: Barbarian Guide .   Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:51 pm

I must add that when taking the Brute Tree, Barbarians have access to a wide array of crowd-control abilities that make them pretty good at off-tanking.
Heck, I once did Prison Colony with a barbarian as our sole tank ! Of course, the group as a whole had a great many crowd-control abilities, and the barbarian did end up dying quite often, but we managed.
The changes they made recently make the Brute Tree even better at this, since it includes several survivability feats, starting with Blood Rage, which now increases health.
Sadly they removed all crowd-control resistance from that tree to put them in the Reaver Tree...

My barbarian is spec'ed Brute. I noticed recently it pays off to switch between two-handed weapon and dual-wield in fight. That might not be so useful at low-level, but now that I reached the 70's, being able to throw a Cyclone of Steel while Butcher reloads is awesome (especially since after a certain point, Cyclone deals more damage than Butcher). Also, since most damaging 2h combos go for upper right attack, changing to dual wield is useful when facing an enemy with all his defense there.
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PostSubject: Re: Barbarian Guide .   Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:43 pm

Rami, would you be able to link to the builds themselves. As just pictures you can't mouse over them and see what they are.
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PostSubject: Re: Barbarian Guide .   Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:13 am

Hey yall, heres my build designed around 2 handed weapons, I'm new so i don't know the talents to well but i usually do a shitton of research and testing.

tight fight control, decent pve damage not the strongest in either, but i'm hoping formidable in both.,1224-05,1225-03,1245-01,1247-05,1248-05,1235-01,1234-02,1223-05,1229-03,1227-01,1242-03,1231-02,1241-05,1233-01,1230-05,1228-01,1251-02,1239-03,1238-01,4301-25,4311-25,4314-25,4306-23,4316-21,4318-23,4315-21
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PostSubject: Re: Barbarian Guide .   Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:35 pm

it's a decent build, lethality in the general tree is short cutting yourself because swarm fighter would give you better bonuses in your berserker tree, but to remove yourself from decap is a big mistake, it's a very very powerful attack.

CC breaks are up to you, i havent tried them yet, and i generally dont feel i'll need them til i do hit 80.

the 3rd feat into scatter foes is useless, it doesnt add anything, literally. once you have your second point feated into it your knockback can throw heavy's (soldiers with heavy or full plate)

grisly wounds and devastation dont seem to be worth it to me, they're good feats, but there are more important things with better benefits.

rampaging horde is a great skill to have when in groups pvp, raids, or even when it's two people toughing it out in keshatta, they give massive massive effects when you have a good group going, and more so when two barbs are using it.,1225-03,1232-05,1240-05,1245-01,1247-05,1248-05,1235-01,1223-05,1229-03,1243-01,1227-01,1242-03,1231-02,1241-05,1233-01,1230-05,1228-01,1251-02,1239-02,1238-01,4301-25,4314-25,4306-22,4316-21,4318-23,4315-21

not my current build, i'm going a slightly different way, but i think you'd notice a nice change
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PostSubject: Re: Barbarian Guide .   

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Barbarian Guide .
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