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 Acara the disgraced soldier

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PostSubject: Acara the disgraced soldier   Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:19 am

It's raining in an open field with a group of soldiers walking through it. Acara is leading this small group of ten soldiers into uncharted lands, he and his men have not come into contact with anyone, so they sets camp for the night. Suddenly Acara is woken up from his sleep, "Sir you need to wake up", shouts one his men Acara gets up quickly and asks, "What is going on?" "we are under attacked Sir", replied the soldier. Acara look around and noticed that him and his men are being attacked by a barbarian horde. They seemed to out number his men so he had a choice to make fight or run. "Sir what do we do?" the soldier asked, Acara then shouted so all his men could hear him, "we Fight and we Win".

Acara runs into the battle with his sword high in the air swinging it down into an enemies shoulder, he pulls out swinging it behind him cutting through the torso of another. He looks over to one of the men who is at a stand off with one of the barbarians, the barbarian get the upper hand when he trips him and stabs him through the neck, Acara runs over in a rage and cuts the barbarians head off. Acara realizes this battle isn't going well, his men are dropping like fly's. "Stand together", Acara shouts; they fight off barbarians while they trying to group together, now only five soldiers two of them badly wounded, all of a sudden the barbarians turn tail and run. Acara think this the end of the assault until he sees a row of archers a couple yards a head of them, they already took aim before he can tell his men to run, they fire bombarding them with arrows.

The sun rises the next morning, Acara wakes up he has been struck by three arrows but he's still alive, his men are dead, and then Acara think what should he do, he is disgraced when he should of retreated he chose to stay and fight and got his men killed. As he began to walk back home it started to rain

The Real Me (in a nutshell)

I'm 23 years old and from Yonkers, Ny. I currently trying to continue my education to become a programmer, to make my dream job of working in the video game industry come true.
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PostSubject: Re: Acara the disgraced soldier   Thu Apr 01, 2010 5:02 am

Woo, go NY!

Good read and thanks for posting, it's great to have you. And I'll promote you to full membership when I next see you, great job on completing your tasks.
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Acara the disgraced soldier
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