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 Runas - Introduction. The Man in the Black Robe. (Slightly mature for a few light curses)

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PostSubject: Runas - Introduction. The Man in the Black Robe. (Slightly mature for a few light curses)   Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:22 am

(( OOC Hi My name is JT, A little bit about me outside of Runas, Im 19 years old from the U.S., and I work with my family business, I love animals and have 4 dogs and I'm engaged to a beautiful girl and things are going great. I'm new to the guild after just resubbing after about a year, I bought AoC on launch day and after the first few patchs started to make the game seem to decline I quit. Prior to resubbing and making my Dark Templar Runas, I had a level 58 Dark Templar named Raiok on Hyperborea, so if you ever met him drop me a line and catch up on old times Razz ))

Runas ran along the hillside with his wolf-dog Raiok toward the small cottage that was his home, the sun was setting and that always meant that was dinner time. His mother had died giving birth to him 9 winters prior, and so his older sister Calioppe did the cooking. "Run faster boy! Dinner might get cold!" he yelled behind him to the dog who barked happily and picked up its pace to match its masters. As he neared the top of the hill however he could smell something burning, and as he reached the peak he could see his home, his fathers farm, burning. His fathers animals slaughtered, and he heard the faint scream of a young girl and then silence. Stricken with fear, Runas clambered slowly down the hill and toward his home, being careful to head around the back of the cottage in an attempt to remain unseen.

As he neared the building itself he could hear men's voices, speaking, and another man's voice sobbing weakly. "We want our money, Alighierio, all of it. Or we can take it out of your hide." Runas peaked through a small hole in the door of his home, once beautiful (to him at least) now ablaze and reeking of blood. "My precious Calioppe..." his father was knelt on the floor he could see, holding the limp body of his sister in his lap, stroking her face. "We'll take 10 gold off the top for your kid Alighierio, that's still 15 you owe us." said a tall Stygian man in a long black robe, behind him were another Stygian and an young Aquilonian, both wearing cheap leather armor and holding swords stained in blood. "I..I cannot pay you Amon-sep...." his father choked out between sobs "I have no money, the crops will not grow this year..." he broke down again, this time pouring his soul out over his slain daughter. "A shame my friend, I had so wanted your money, but your head shall serve nicely as a reminder to those who cannot pay what they owe. The eye of Set has fallen unfavorably on you Alighierio." The Stygian lifted a small dagger from the left sleeve of his robe, and with one deft swing his father lay slain next to his sister. Runas, again stricken with fear collapsed back on his rear and let out an audible gasp as tears ran down his cheeks. "Who is that?!" He heard the Stygian yell. "Whose there!? Answer me!"

The door began to open, and, in a panic, Runas grabbed a burning plank from the fence behind him and swung with all his might toward the door. Just in time to hit the the man in black across the face. They both screamed bloody murder, the Stygian as his cheek was burnt by the fiery wood and Runas as the palms on his hands where he held the plank did the same. The man in black fell to his knees clutching his cheek and swearing. "Kill him! You incompetant bastards! Kill the little whore-son!" The Aquilonian was the first to reach the door and reached his hand out to Runas, only to have it bitten by Raiok, he screamed in agony and shock and swung the dog against the burning cottage. Runas took advantage of this momentary pause and ran, south towards the river. The Stygian mercenary quickly followed him, as the Aquilonian helped the man in black to his feet. Runas ran as fast as his legs could take him, holding his scorched hands to his sides, sobbing. The Stygian ran out of breath shortly, being much older then the boy and having far less energy. Runas ran until his legs gave out.

Sixteen years had passed, the tall young wanderer held out his scorched and scarred hand, as he brushed his shaggy black hair from his eyes with the other. "I found you're damn jewels Priest, now pay me what you promised me." he said gently, the tone of his voice belying the demand that was implied. An elderly priest of Mitra stood before him and handed him a small pouch of silver. "I thank you Runas, may the blessing of Mitra be upon you." Runas took the pouch and pulled out a small satchel containing antique rings and jewels belonging to the priests parents. "Enjoy your new-found 'inheritence' priest. The bandits that robbed your family crypt shall bother you no further." He nodded at the elderly man and walked down the stairs, away from the priest into the streets of Old Tarantia. He looked at the scorch marks on his hands as he walked, and thought for just a moment that he could've saved his father, he knew for a moment, that he could've saved his father, he just didn't know how. And after that one moment he scoffed at himself, and continued to wander.

(( OOC It's been a long time since I did a backstory for a character, so tell me what you think. Definately not the best, but I like the story ^^;; I look forward to meeting you all in the game ))
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PostSubject: Re: Runas - Introduction. The Man in the Black Robe. (Slightly mature for a few light curses)   Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:43 am

It's great to have you with us, and I think you did a fine job on your story. Follow up on some of the other posted backstories to see what we are about, and above all enjoy your time with us. Smile
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Runas - Introduction. The Man in the Black Robe. (Slightly mature for a few light curses)
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