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 Oduda - Samantha part 2

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PostSubject: Oduda - Samantha part 2   Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:15 am

In-game IC information -

Name - Oduda
Age - 16
Path - Necromancer
Guilde - Sealladh
Rank- Ambassador
Crafting skills - Architect, Weapon Smith

Born to a wealth merchant family in Luxur she had a rather care free childhood. Her parents doted on her and provided anything she could wish for. Or so they thought. She had always seemed a little odd as a child but her parents thought it was a phase she would grow out of. They could not have been more wrong. She began to show signs of a darker side and she began to become withdrawn from the outside world. She rejected the presents her parents would shower her with and started to act as if she did not even know who they were. She began to sneak out of the home late at night and sometime would not return for days. When questioned about this she seemed not to even know she had left. Her parents grew worried that something far more sinister was going on then they had originally feared and the people of the merchants district began to talk. Rumors started to spread, mostly unfounded or blatantly made up to besmirch the families reputation.

Shortly thereafter some of the neighbors pets would go missing. Some would be found, in part at least. Some never at all. There were also rumors flying about that a couple of books had gone missing from the local temple to Set, a sacrilege which had only one outcome. Death. The temple however would never confirm that anything was missing for an admission of such would force the more powerful temples to take action against this weaker one, a prospect they feared more then death. However some books had been stolen and Oduda had spend many nights studying them. She was only 10 at this time and her powers were only just beginning to take shape. In order to practice her necromatic arts she needed to sacrifice subjects, the local missing pets. Her first few tests were less then encouraging and she soon began to enjoy the slaughter almost as much as the black arts she was learning. People naturally started to suspect Oduda as she had always been viewed as being touched in the head.

Her parents fearing that the people of Luxur would decide to take matters into their own hands with or without proof that their daughter was involved in any way sold their house and their shop and moved away to Khemi. They left behind their reputation, both the one they worked hard to obtain and the one their daughter gave them, and tried to make a new life for themselves. One of the local youths started to take a liking to Oduda falling for her youthful beauty although she had already become an outcast amongst the children of the city. She took no notice of the things that interested the other children and often seemed not to even notice them even when being spoken to. This one youth however seemed not to care what the others thought of her and tried his best toget her to notice him. After a while he seemed to break through to her and even decided to take her on a date. This was a night that would change the life of Oduda permanently.

No one can really be sure why Oduda had agreed to go on this date, and it is likely that she does not even know herself. She seemed even more distant then usual as if her mind was off in deep thought. The youth tried to make some advances twords her and she seemed not to even notice. This however began to infuriate the youth who was known to be some what of a ladies man. He was older then her by 4 years and was far more experienced, as she seemed to take little notice of the people around her to begin with. She was at this time 12 years of age. The youth also had a hidden addiction to lotus he had taken more then he was accustomed to that night. Finally from a combination of his frustrations of the girls lack of interest and being rather high on lotus he lost his cool and pushed her to the ground. He immediately crawled on top of her and started to kiss her. This unexpected physical attack seemed to snap her into reality, to a point, and she became aware of what was happening.

Grasping the dagger she had hidden in her dress, the one she used to sacrifice test subjects to practice her arts on, she pulled it free an sunk the blade into his side. He instantly cried out in pain as the blade slipped between two of his ribs and sliced threw muscle. And this began a new fascination for her. He grabbed at his side and then looked at the blood on his hands, his eyes wide in shock and horror. With a quickness none would have suspected her capable of she sprang up to her knees and pushed him down onto his back. She looked at the dagger for a moment and then at him with a sinister look in her eyes that filled his veins with dread. She flashed the blade across his chest cutting the skin and muscle, the blade gliding across the bone. He screamed again but this only served to produce a smile on her face. She spend the better part of the next hour cutting him over and over until at least the end of his strength flowed from him as the blood flowed out. She looked down at what she had done and another smile came over her face.

She then pulled out the book she always kept hidden on her person and thumbed to a page she had marked. She muttered a chant in an older dialect of Stygian and worked a dark magic few knew even existed. Suddenly the youths eyes opened again but there was no life to them, black unblinking orbs that stared off into space. She smiled again and stood up, telling the youth to stand as well. And thus he did. She had finally mastered the art she had been teaching herself over the least two years. She gave him a few more simple commands and the obeyed as he was no more then a lifeless husk with no will of it's own, only that of the one who commanded it with this darkest of magics.

One of the young girls who had fancied the youth had crept up to spy on them, fearing that he would be laying with this girl whom she despised. She had hated Oduda before the boy had shown an interest in her and had hated her all the more after. She took every opportunity to mock Oduda, or to even cause her harm. Most of this Oduda was truly unaware of but upon hearing of the date planned between the two she had struck Oduda across the face and vowed to make her life a living hell. Hell however was something the girl had not even dared to imagine, and it was brought by Oduda. She became aware of the new presence and commanded the now dead youth to dispose of this intruder. He killed her in a most brutal manner and and after this Oduda decided to break the spell which lent a semblance of life to the corpse of the youth. He crumpled to the ground and never moved again as his body was now engulfed in true death.

It was not known exactly what had happened when the two bodies were found the next morning. It was clear that the boy had killed the girl but no weapon was found to have produced the multiple cuts on the boys body. Rumors again began to spread and most were centered on Oduda, though none were nearly as gristly as reality. Her parents were now forced to accept that their daughter would never get better and would likely get worse. They called for the local priest of Set to have the girl sacrificed to the Old Snake hoping this would please Set and bring mercy to their family. From the time she had returned home that night to the time the priest arived she had sat on her bed staring off into space unaware of anything going on around her. But the moment his hand had touched her arm she snapped, again grasping her dagger and stabbed the man in the chest. Her mother screamed in horror and her father rushed forward to stop the girl but the blade had pierced his heart. She then turned on her father and slashed him across the chest. He fell backwards and she took off out of the house, never to be seen by them again.

No one is really sure where she disappeared to or what happened to her over the next couple of years. Even she seems not aware of it herself, except for small fragments of memories. The few fragments she did recall were mostly of torture and death dealt out by her hands. She seemed to have raised several more victims over that time as she perfected her craft. Eventually she found herself on Tortage where she met a man who had a similar craft as herself. Though she does not recall ever being on tortage she did follow this man to the group of people he worked for. They had decided to allow her to join them, unaware of what she was truly capable of. There she met a young girl with power far greater then anyone else she had seen. She began to fill the girls head with fear and suspicion as she desired to help the girl realize her true potential and then set her loose on Hyboria. She was not aware that this girl was not really a young girl at all but she had pledge to work for this litch.

Upon hearing about her "betrayal" those she had worked for had taken her captive. She went willingly into her cell in the tower being fully confident that she would be able to "convince" them that she was in fact betraying the litch not them. In truth, she probably was not fully aware of what was really going on and all her plans were in fact in her mind and never would come to pass. But she had never been a part of reality and this was no different. For a while she sat in her cell but as time passed she began to lose what little bit of sanity she had. She escaped at one point and stole a cat from the fort and returned to her cell with it. She killed the cat and raised it back up to become her companion. The spell however was not very successful thought she seemed not to realize it. Why she returned to her cell after escaping from it is truly a mystery but there she remained for two full months. She began to demand to be seen and threaten the guards. Her new found hostility served only to make her stay a bit more permanent.

When she could bare no more she muttered a spell she had memorized and slew the guards outside her door. She then raised them up and ran to the room she has stayed in before she was imprisoned. She had hidden her book away in a place she knew none would find and thus she recovered it. The fort was thankfully rather empty at this time and she was able to escape without the need to slay anyone else. She fled form the place and then her sense of reality crashed down to a new low. She remembers the one person who she considered a friend from that group, a girl who had no longer worked for them. But it is becoming clear that she no longer is really aware of the outside world.

( Ok this ended up far longer then I expected. >.> )

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PostSubject: Re: Oduda - Samantha part 2   Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:57 pm

10 out of 10.

Two thumbs up.

And all that. lol

Great work Sam, I llove it. <3
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PostSubject: Re: Oduda - Samantha part 2   Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:28 pm

*bump* Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Oduda - Samantha part 2   

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Oduda - Samantha part 2
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