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 Aradeus - Ranger of Thandara

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PostSubject: Aradeus - Ranger of Thandara   Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:08 am

Aradeus listened intentley while his king detailed the instructions of his next assignment. This was not the first time he was to wear the colours of an enemy state, despite his silent disdain for the task at hand. A tall, dark-haired man entered the room, his white toga draped with a red mantle detailing his importance in this city. He waited until the king had finished his plans, eyes narrowed with each word as though committing each to memory before whispering something meant for his ears alone. The king paled with the news, looking straight ahead, beyond the stone walls of the keep, his cold blue eyes burned from beneath a mane of black. Then he spoke, his voice a low rumble like a growling tiger "Aradeus, leave at once. Infiltrate the Nemedians as discussed and turn them inside out, try not to kill my men in the process but do what you must to maintain your cover. If you can get close enough, see if you can gut that dog ambassador hiding amongst them".

Aradeus tensed, as he placed the tabard of the red dragon over his ringmail. He knew it was a gamble, following the rangers in swearing loyalty to Conan. True he was Cimmerian, but better a Cimmerian on the throne than one of those pigs from the estates. In turn for the loyalty of Thandara, he allowed us to govern our own, free of the aquilonian nobility and their taxes.

Aradeus is a simple soldier, born in a small village in the Westermarck where he grew up tending to the family farm. He hunted small game as a teenager and learned to track and read trail signs from his father, which they used to hunt larger game for the winter months. During the autumn months of his 16th year the village and surrounding farmlands were raided by the Picts from across the frontier. All but a few were killed or kidnapped to be used as sacrifices as the Picts looted and burned everything in their path. Aradeus was seriously injured during the raid, where he recieved a crushing blow to the skull by a Pict warclub and left for dead. Several days after the raids, a Patrol from the Thandaran Fortress discovered what was left of the villages and found Aradeus stumbling around his families homestead in shock. They took him back to Thandara where he soon joined their ranks.

Over the years Aradeus fought many battles with the Picts as they raided up and down the Provinces of Westermarck. His ability to avoid detection of the Picts in their own environment became well known among the ranks and he was eventually picked up by the Ranger regiment to work with the smaller specialised Units. The Rangers of Thandara tought Aradeus how to use his abilities to their full potential against the Picts, giving him the ability fight the Picts in their own territory completely undetected.

Aradeus moved to Tarantia prior to the Nemedian Invasion led by King Tarascus and his close friend Amalric. While in Tarantia he found steady employment with the free companies of the region hiring out as a tracker or guard for a large variety of duties.

Name: Aradeus Thomarus
Origin: Thandara
Age: 30
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Alignment: Neutral

The Real Me
Name: Ben
Age: 31
Location: Cairns, Australia (near the pointy bit)
Occupation: Military (Navy Information Technology Stuff)
Other interesting facts: Been happily married for 5 years this valentines day to a hot nerdy girl 5 years my junior. The older I get the nerdier I become, it seems being the pot smoking comedian in school got supressed by the years of mundane military life. I first got introduced roleplaying games at the age of 14 after some seniors at my school saw me sketching a chaos warrior from the old Heroquest boardgame from milton bradley(&GW). I played regular D&D games up until the time i joined the Navy at 22. I've always had a love of miniature games a seed that was first planted with Heroquest, and Advanced Heroquest is still my all time favorite miniature game to this day. I have a hugely varied taste in music, ranging from 80's speed metal like megadeth/metallica, older stuff like black sabbath, iron maiden, ranging through the NOFX punk era and then onto things like Tool, The Butterfly Effect and even encompassing modern Hardstyle Trance and other Techno music. I also like classic rock stuff like the beatles, cold chisel, and anything that hits the right chords. My other hobbies involve miniature painting, drawing concept sketches (which i never finish), painting and other creative outlets. Been playing RPGs since the old DnD Goldbox days I think i first started with Bards TaleIII before getting the Secret of the Silver Blades (forgotten realms) and moving onto warcraftII and diablo. Missed alot of the earlier MMO's due to my early days in the Navy, UO, DAOC, SWG and EQ had all been and gone while i was off fighting in Iraq and travelling around the middle east and south east asia. Finally Picked gaming back up when i got back from Iraq in 2005 and got into a dangerous world of warcraft addiction for 4 years. During that time I raided hardcore 4 nights a week for four years, whilst simultaneously playing and beta testing games like DDO, LotRO, WAR, Vanguard and finally resting on AOC. Been playing AOC on and off since release mainly due to military requirements of going on operational deployment for upto 2-3months at a time. Since settling back into AOC I promised never to take it as seriously as i have with other games, this way i can prioritise my fitness (need to run 2.4kms/13minutes at a minimum), homelife and everything else that the real world throws at me.
Thats pretty much me in a nutshell..
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PostSubject: Re: Aradeus - Ranger of Thandara   Sat Jan 30, 2010 9:31 am

Sorry i m too lazy to Read in English, study But Welcome ! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Aradeus - Ranger of Thandara   Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:32 pm

It's great to have you and I look forward to seeing you around more!
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PostSubject: Re: Aradeus - Ranger of Thandara   Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:05 am

I am currently making the most of the assassin revamp, Zhakim is a hard man to find. He can occasionally be found in commons if anyone has need of an accomplished Zamorian adventurer. Zhakim prefers to avoid situations that end in conflict, he has an uncanny knack for aquiring things for those that need aquired goods.. for a generous retainer.
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PostSubject: Re: Aradeus - Ranger of Thandara   

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Aradeus - Ranger of Thandara
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