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 Too Shy to Scream... (Mature Themed)

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PostSubject: Too Shy to Scream... (Mature Themed)   Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:43 pm

Moonlight fluttered through the window of her room. Sitting on the corner of her bed Shemeitt placed a hand to her lips and smiled, a blush forming upon her visage. Tonight had been most... interesting. Her sword lay in the corner beside the bed, her clothes folded neatly atop of a chair she studied herself a moment longer in the mirror.

Her body glistened with persperation, dried blood, and slight cuts, scratches and bruises from the night's battles. The demon Vistrix had proven a problem at first, and the giant worm the Cimmerians all had named Yakmar had managed to thrash her about slightly. But overall it had been a good night, blood of her enemies had flowed. Hearts and souls had been delivered to Xotli as well. He was pleased at his sacrifices, his warmth radiated throughout her body with his contentment. Yes, tonight was good.

Crawling into bed Shem yawned as she pulled her silk sheets up and over her naked breasts. Eyes closing her thoughts drifted once more to the kiss earlier as sleep overtook her.

First a light touch startled her, then fingers not her own pressed against her lips. Shem startled awake, heart pounding inside her chest. Fingers were replaced by soft lips, pressed against hers fervently, passionately. Parting their tongues touched for the first time and a spark went through her. With a hush sound they broke apart and Shem's hands were layed to each side. Shaking, Shemeitt was nervous for the first time in a very long time, unsure as to what was going to happen next. A slight moan escaped her lips as fingertips ran across her neck to her collarbone then shoulder. Shivers ran along her spine as a tender graze passed along her side, knuckles grazing against covered breast in their travels to her hip. Biting her lip Shemeitt look at her lover with anticipation that was growing every moment, for once not taking the lead and allowing them to be in control.

Another gasp escaped her lips as the sheet was pulled down, her body being exposed to the warm air. Arching her back Shem grasped her partner's head as they began to kiss their way down her body, pausing to tease each of her hardening buds in their mouth - eliciting more moans and gasps from the trained courtesan. Down further they went, kissing her abdomen and belly button, to each thigh. Stretching herself out Shem parts her legs slightly, watching between half-lidded eyes. Lips followed hands down one leg, then back up to across her belly to the other leg... Hands touching, grazing, exploring. Her lover grinned and Shemeitt shuddered feeling their breath upon her most intimate of places, warm and moist. Reaching down she grasps their head...

. . . Only to find nothing there as she sat up, alone in her room in the Serpent Head's Inn. Glancing around Shemeitt pulls the covers around her and begins to sob silently into the night...
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PostSubject: Re: Too Shy to Scream... (Mature Themed)   Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:29 pm

So, how bout that weather....
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PostSubject: Re: Too Shy to Scream... (Mature Themed)   Sun May 29, 2011 11:38 pm

Nice warm weather... should increase the temperature again for old times sake. /evil grin. -ooc
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PostSubject: Re: Too Shy to Scream... (Mature Themed)   

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Too Shy to Scream... (Mature Themed)
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