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 2 brothers and their Destiny

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PostSubject: 2 brothers and their Destiny   Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:11 am

This starts in a small village in Aquilonia. A barbarian Village living the life that nature gave them. 2 sons of the tribal chief were of age to test of man hood. One the oldest named Theodinn and the younger of the two was Yorr. Each were to take the test of manhood and become a warrior of the tribe. Both went out on the same morning but in different directions. Theodinn to the West and Yorr to the East. Many days past when Theodinn came upon a sight of battle. Aquilonian soldiers lay dead across the field. Among them also laid many Stygian warriors dead save one. This one was chained to a wagon and looked as if he had gone days without food and water. Theodinn following the ways of his tribe assisted this Stygian not knowing if he was the enemy or friend. This Stygian was Subahi archer of the now dead patrol of Stygians. It seems these soldiers were deserters from the Thoth-Amon army that was buiding to attack Aquilonia. They were heading to Old Tarantia with the small unit of Aquilonian soldiers when they were both attacked by loyal troops of Thoth-Amon. Subahi was grateful that Theodinn had come along when he did. Theodinn was most interested in this Old Tarantia, where had heard of this King of renown. Once a barbarian himself. After a long talk he and Subahi gathered their things and headed west to Old Tarantia. To The East, Yorr was following tracks of a beast when he came upon some Stygian soldiers. They had no love of barbarians and instantly attacked. Yorr cleaved through the group and left no soldier alive. Wounded his self he found a place to hide and recover. There if he found a Stygian woman with a child. He fell into her home wounded and when he awoke his wounds were bound and the Stygian woman was tending his wounds. Her name was Jula and her son was Ryto. They were of a family loyal to the people of Stygia but not the governement which was run by Thoth-Amon. For days he remained healing and once he was healed he asked to travel to the local town and meet its people. See the quest of both brothers was to seek out other people other than their tribe and learn their ways. Yorr spent time with the people and 2 months later traveled back to his home to tell his father and people what he had found. Now Theodinn and Subahi traveled for days. It seems they were being followed by some of Thoth-Amon's troops, 2 times they had encounted them and each time the troopes fell to Theodinn and Subahi. When they had finally reach the borders of Old Tarantia they were safe from anymore attacks from Thoth-Amon for now. Theodinn and Subahi found refuge in the city and eventually Theodinn was able to take up work with the Aquilonia guard for a time. He learned much. Subahi trained with the archers and taught them a trick or two of Stygian archer attacks. Now Theodinn had spent more time than he had thought for he had been in the city over a year now, longer than he was to be. He sent word to his father and family that he would remain in Old Taranta and learn more for he had found a position within the King's army and would learn much here. Theodinn and Subahi found many adventures as did Yorr. In time the village of both was attacked by Thoth-Amon soldiers and all that survived was taken prisoner including Yorr. Yorr found himself on an island after a ship wreck and found his way to a city named Tortage. Theodinn and Subahi were also captured and eventually taken to Tortage. Both brothers not knowing they each helped the people of Tortage and escaped back to Aquilonia. For now both brothers are on their own destiny and one day will meet each other on the same road to their destiny.
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PostSubject: Re: 2 brothers and their Destiny   Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:37 pm

It's great to have you, and a great story. Welcome to the guild, friend Smile
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PostSubject: The Missing son   Thu Dec 31, 2009 9:01 pm

For many years Phaylin had served in the Tarantia army in service to the King. He had continued his service as his family before him had even before King Conan took the throne. He ventured west many times with patrols and sometimes on his own. One such adventure he encounted a patrol of Stygian soldiers. He was alone and they were many. He offered friendly hail to them but they did not accept. They moved to surround Phaylin and all he could do is go into a stance to hold them off. Then he felt a pounding to his head and all went dark. He was out for days when he awoke. He heard a loud sound of battle outside the wagon he was in. The same patrol had come upon a merchant caravan heading to Aquilonia and Tarantia. Now Phaylin did not remember nothing of his past or where he came from. He had been tied and gagged in the wagon the Stygian patrol had acquired earlier. He was able to escape from his bonds, find his gear and without fear jumped out of the wagon and began attacking his captures. He fought with ferocity and fighting along the guards of the caravan defeaded the patrol. In the end he killed the last one just as he took a another blow to his head that knocked him out again. When he awoke he found himself surrounded by ladies in veil and a honorable merchant thanking him for his deeds. When they arrived in Tarantia the merchant spoke to one of the nobles who he had great dealings with and mentioned Phaylin and his deed. The noble having no family offered to take Phayin in for a time. For 2 years he stayed with the noble training to be a guardsman and enter service to the King. He had traveled many times to towns in Aquilonia and had made a name for himself amongst the nobles. One day a man came up to him and looked hard and strong. Then spoke with the noble he had lived with for so long and had eventually called him father. The noble smiled and came to Phaylin, after telling him the news, Phaylin looked hard and them remembered this was his true father and he had found him. Much joy and festive drinking and parting went on for days. Then Phaylin gathered his things and bid his adopted father farewell and traveled home with his true father to the home he once knew. During their travel home they were attacked by another patrol of Stygian troops and his father was killed and he was again knocked unconcious. When he awoke he had a tattoo own his chest and was on a ship sailing the open waters. For several days he was treated as a slave and eventually the ship was attacked and sunk. Some how he was saved from the destruction and found himself on a beach. He remebered little but found his way to a town called Tortage and began the long road again to remember who he was and find his destiny. Aiding the resistance he completed several task as he remembered his past and in the end he with the help of the resistance defeated evil lord Strom of Tortage and reclaimed the city. He then sailed to Tarantia and began his new life once more and the destiny he was given.
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PostSubject: Re: 2 brothers and their Destiny   

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2 brothers and their Destiny
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