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 Application for Subahi and Theodinn

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PostSubject: Application for Subahi and Theodinn   Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:43 am

Subahi and Theodinn wander into a town and go into a small tavern. There they find a notice and read it carefully. Subahi: Theo this looks most interesting. A guild of honor and loyality. Very few of those around in these lands. Theodinn: True Subahi, not many are found outside Aquilonia. Shall we consider it. Subahi: well you are Aquilonian Theo I am Stygian think they will have me. Theodinn: of course they will your my friend and brother in arms. I have not seen a better archer in the land. *grins* Subahi: well then I suppose we should at least put our names in the lot. Theodinn: yes let us. *marking two stones with their names on them they place the stones in the lot box and turn to get another Drink and seek what winches or ladies can be found.*

Just a little role play for the app.

Main character is Theodinn Aquilonian Guardian which would fit real well in this guild lvl 9 but growing.
2nd Main Character is Subahi Stygian Ranger which also will work as he left his homeland to find more noble people and help others. lvl 11 ranger and growing. I would seek that you would invite both these toons of mine to your guild as it looks like what I am looking for in a rping guild on a pvp sever.

Notes of me: My real name is Ted, I have played Rping games since I was 18 starting back in 1978 with Dnd, now play Dnd 4th edition with friends , active member of RPGA, play EVE online and have played EQ and EQ2 til I cam back to Conan. Married with 2 adult sons. like movies and online rping games.
I maybe the oldest or not age 48 on the 30th. I like playing Paladins maining when I play Dnd or RPGA so Theodinn is simular to a paladin in play. Subahi I play as a ranger would for elf rangers hehe. Hope this is enough info for ya.

Ted aka Theodinn and Subahi.
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Application for Subahi and Theodinn
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