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 Thorkil and Haestan

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PostSubject: Thorkil and Haestan   Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:09 am


Your Name in game: Thorkil
Class: Conq
Level: 18
Trade Skills: None (Yet)
Story[Put it now Or later]:

*Men screaming*

It was much too early for the fight to begin. The smaller part of the Great Cimmerian Army had been waiting for their commander to arrive and meet up with the rest of the army near Venarium. Lord Thorkil, Lord Hæstan and Lord Ealdwulf. We were short of fighters that night, as men left the previous day to forage food for their men, there was only a small guard in our camp that evening. Most were drunk from the previous night; it was in the early hours of the morning that Thorkil, a conqueror awoke…

‘Get your sword Hæstan!’ I said to him as I lightly kicked him on the ground.

Hæstan was Thorkil’s childhood friend, which the three spinners, Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld, had set out his destiny, as a warrior also.

Hæstan buckled on his sword, and his heavy shield.

Tonight, we would fight, tonight…we would kill.

It was not known to us who was attacking at this hour; rushing out of the nearby forest. It certainly wasn’t the Aquilonian patrols, as we were far enough out of their kingdom, and had only just arrived. We were confused.

‘To the right!’ I yelled at Hæstan who stumbled while tightening his shield strap. A barbarian bandit swung his heavy war-axe with great strength, but it wasn’t enough. After the slow strike of the barbarian, which Hæstan dodged, my good friend’s sword swept forward at a violent speed, and struck the now twitching barbarian in the neck.

‘Nothing like a morning’s killing, eh Thorkil?’, he said in an almost calm and happy manner.

‘Nothing like it’, I said, as I ducked and Hæstan’s shield blocked an overhead attack, with my sword, Serpent-Fang, striking the large man in the gut.

There was now close to 3 dozen barbarians rushing down the hill next to the forest. I called a shield wall to be formed on our side, and the barbarians, must have wanted to die, as the continued to charge down. Shields at the front, pikes in the second rank. Facing the east, with the large, angry barbarians charging from the west. Our men held their shields strong that day, barbarians pushing, dying. Our men roared the music of war, the early morning mist red from battle. The sound of steel on steel, and steel on wood was a glorious one. A new wave of barbarian bandits rushed from the trees.

‘Hopeless’, I said to Hæstan, behind me, nearly laughing our arses off ‘they just don’t learn do they!?’

‘Stupid bastards!’ he laughed.

Hæstan called from the second rank, behind me, ‘Ooohhhhh SHIT!’, suddenly not so joyous. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… Mammoths…Charging our camp from the west.

‘Attack from the sides!’ I roared.

Our men broke ranks half to the left and half to the right. Men with spears, swords, and shields. The barbarians had sacrificed some of their men for a distraction, and left these dreaded war beasts to do the work. A mammoth was charging, full speed directly towards myself and Hæstan, who stood to my left,

‘Cripple the front legs!’ I called over the sound of battle and mammoth footsteps.

‘Pickup that spear Thorkil!’ he roared back.

I ran 5 paces to my right and picked up one of the bandit’s spears. The monster was getting closer to us, about 30 paces away now. We stood ready, spears in hand ready to cripple the front legs of the mammoth, and once again, ready to kill.

The first mammoth went down easy, we attacked the front legs with spears and the back leg with our swords. The beast went down quickly; I thumped Hæstan on the shoulder.

‘Good job, that son of a bitch went down easy, eh?’… I yelled, once again over the noise of battle and the sudden screech of the nearby beast who was crippled at the legs.

Our men finished the creature off quickly, with the help of their spears and swords.

Suddenly Hæstan screamed, ‘LOOK OUT THORKIL!’

I had no time to turn around; I saw his face, fearing what was coming…

All was black…

I woke up, not remembering much of my past, except that brief moment of shock, just before everything went dark. This man was on my ship, we were rowing, rusty iron shackles on our wrists. There were other men on that ship; I did not know their faces, but this man, who I later learned was Hæstan, was to my right. We became friends, both with lost pasts, but we somehow we knew weren’t meant to be slaves.

Chains ringing, men groaning, whips cracking, and the rowing drums beating… We rowed.

Nearly an hour later, our ship had been hit by something, or maybe out ship hit something, I did not know. I jumped up at impact, and stumbled. We both fell overboard, myself and Hæstan. We landed on a lonely island, Tortage just south of the Zingara region.

My name is Thorkil, and my adventure…starts here.


Name: Thorkil (Andrew) Haestan (Jaryd)

Reason Why you join the guild: Looking for a PvP based RP guild with some cool players, and a few members!

About Your self: Well...I'm from Australia, I'm in my last years of highscool and studying a Cert III in 3D Animation at AIE. Hoping to go into the games industry as (obviously) an animator/3d modeller. I've been gaming since I was a young'n specializing in FPS for nearly 10 years, and due to the lack of 'good' shooters out for PC these days, I've been playing a fair bit of mmo's. I hope to chat (and ofcourse fight!) with a few, if not all of you in-game!
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Thorkil and Haestan
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