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 Karetu (My first RP character)

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PostSubject: Karetu (My first RP character)   Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:17 am

Intro (IC):
Name: Karetu
Age: 27
Class: Assassin
Race: Half Kushite, Half Zamoran

The bastard son of a Zamoran bandit and a Kushite whore, Karetu never knew who his parents were, what their name was, not even what they looked like. At only 5 months old, he was sent to live in a destitute orphanage in some backwater harbor town in Zingara. The other children at the orphanage would constantly tease and bully him because of the odd markings on his forehead. He lived a miserable, pathetic little life ripe with poverty and pain. He was alone. Soon though, he had started to grow tired of the way the other orphans treated him, so he ran. He ran, and ran, but he didn't run far. He soon found himself in the slums of a Zingaran harbor town with nowhere to go, nothing to eat, and nowhere to turn to. So he turned to robbery. It was quite a sight, seeing a dirty 10 year old half-Kushite half-Zamoran bastard wielding a knife in a hilariously pitiful manner and screaming for your money. He had spirit, though. And charisma. He was able to scare traders and newcomers in the harbor.

Eventually, he had mugged the wrong man. He was the leader of a local pirate crew, and a ruthless man. The captain laughed in his face and offered to ignore that Karetu had pulled a knife on him if he were to get down on his knees and lick his boots. Karetu outright refused the offer, so the captain beat him nearly to death. He woke up in the hull of the captain's ship, and the captain offered once again to pardon him in return that he must lick his boots. Karetu spit in his face. The captain laughed, he liked the kid's spunk. He gave him another offer. He would spare Karetu as long as he would join his crew. Karetu smiled. He couldn't refuse this.

So Karetu joined the captain's crew, doing grunt work like scrubbing the decks and feeding the slaves. The other crew members saw him as a little brother, of sorts. They protected him from harm, yet they constantly teased him and yelled at him whenever he made a mistake. He was happy here, with his crew. He lived on the edge of the law, the hangman's noose a hair's-breadth away. He was free, taking orders from no man except his captain. Stealing, killing, pillaging all became a part of his life as much as eating, sleeping, and drinking. Years passed. He was 18 now, and one of the deadliest members of the crew. His agile foot-work and his subtle, lightning-quick thrusts and stabs made him quite the force to be reckoned with. He was loyal to his crew, they were his only family.

After a long battle between a heavily guarded Stygian merchant ship, a greedy man by the name of Pravus sought to take more than he deserved. Pravus had gained favor with much of the crew with his razor-sharp wit and clever personality, so naturally, when Pravus demanded that he captain hand over more gold, quite a few crew members agreed. The captain punched him in the face. Pravus was infuriated at this, so he pulled out his cutlass, and they dueled. Pravus' allies pulled their cutlasses on the loyalists, and soon, a full mutiny was at hand. Karetu cut down many a rebel on his way to saving the captain, but unfortunately, he failed. The captain lay lifeless in his cabin, with Pravus giving Karetu a rather menacing smile. Karetu said nothing. He stabbed Pravus in the stomach before he even had a chance to notice that Karetu unsheathed his daggers. With both faction leaders dead, and no one to lead the crew, they nominated that Karetu become captain of the vessel. The first order Karetu gave was to keelhaul Pravus.

So they threw a rope that wrapped around the ship, and tied Pravus to it. They threw Pravus overboard and pulled the rope as hard as they could. The barnacles and other marine growth on the bottom of the ship cut Pravus to shreds. They untied Pravus' corpse, and threw him overboard once again. Karetu proved to be quite the charismatic leader, leading the crew to attack port towns around Argos, Zingara, and even Stygia!

More years passed, and he had made quite a name for himself in port-towns around all of Hyboria. He had amassed a large crew and a massive fleet of ships. In a fit of greediness, cockiness, and half a gallon of ale, he thought it might be a good idea to raid Khemi. He was wrong. Khemi was guarded by many wizards and warriors, who easily cut through Karetu's crew mates. The Stygians knew they were coming. He found himself quickly losing the battle, and a sudden blow to the back of his head sent him out of comission for the rest of the battle. He woke up, chained up along with the rest of his crew, except for one man. His first mate, and long time friend, Akun. Akun gave him the most disgusting, depraved little grimace that a Stygian mouth could ever produce. He sold out the whole crew for a pint of ale.

He soon found himself to be enslaved with the rest of the crew, on a ship bound for the Barachan Isles. The ship crashed, and he found himself on its shores. He found his way to Tortage, where he met a young girl, by the name of Callesto. She used her daggers only to help the weak, and never raised them against an innocent man. At first, Karetu found her to be naive. His whole life, he thought that acting in such a way can only get you killed. After a long arguement, though, he found that maybe, just maybe, he could be wrong. So Callesto offered to be his mentor, and he reluctantly accepted. He is slightly embarassed by being taught by a 16 year old girl, after all. So now, under the guidance of Callesto, he sets off on a quest to stab that bastard Akun in the heart!

Intro (OOC):
So, erm, my name's Vince, I'm 14, and I've never really roleplayed before >_>. I actually just happened to catch Callesto in the middle of an RP and decided to join in. I am however, rather experienced with MMORPGs. I've played Guild Wars, LotRO, and a bunch of really crappy Free Asian MMOs that I would really rather forget about. I'll try to level Karetu as much as I can, but I'm not sure if I can get him to a high level considering I have a horde of alts that I still need to level :\. Ironically enough, though, I didn't even plan on making this character my RP character, I was actually going to join an RP guild in Wiccana! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Karetu (My first RP character)   Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:56 am

Great story, and it's wonderful that I was able to help be part of your inspiration for roleplaying!

I know what you feel about your alts, though. I have so many I feel I've been neglecting, but then if I play them, I feel I'm neglecting Callesto. There just isn't enough time in the day, darn it....
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PostSubject: welcome my friend   Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:27 pm

Very Happy nice to meet you my friend ...nice story by the way ...:$
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PostSubject: Re: Karetu (My first RP character)   

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Karetu (My first RP character)
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