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 Glioca (Played by Jessica/"Callesto")

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PostSubject: Glioca (Played by Jessica/"Callesto")   Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:51 pm

Figured I'd make a new post for Glioca's story.
Name: Glioca
Age: 15
Birthplace: Lacheish Plains, Cimmeria
Class: Bear Shaman
Level: 65

It was a surprisingly warm evening in Cimmeria. A proud faced older woman with red hair had just finished baking a delectable sweet treat in her stone built oven, inside her stone home built on the side of a mountain crevice in Lacheish Plains. Her curly red hair a tell tale sign of her ancestry, and mirrored by a young girl sitting at one of the few wooden items in the entire cave like dwelling. The table, rotted and weak in the legs from having been scavenged, rocked back and forth as the girl leaned her arms on it.

"Is it almost done, momma?", the girl asked the older woman. "It is ready, dear", she responded back with a smile as she walked the steaming treat to her daughter at the table.

"Those civilized types would tell you to make a Birthday wish before taking a bite, dear." The woman spoke with a continued smile, obviously proud her daughter has made it this far towards adult hood. But before she is finished speaking, the young girl had already buried her face into the treat, smudging her face in the delicious sugary coating as if more animal than human. Looking up from her baked treat, she smiles fondly at her mother, who can only smile back and chuckle. "It's really good momma, I love it!"

The older woman sits closely next to her daughter, stroking her fingers through her child's reddish curly hair. "You know that you are at the age now, where it is time to start making your own way through the world. Your father would be proud of you." The girl smiles, her face still covered in the sweet. "I know, momma. I love it", spoke the girl, smiling ignorantly.

The older lady could only sigh, but manages a forced smile before speaking again. "I hope I've taught you well enough, dear. Remember always just how special you are, and never be afraid to show others how gifted and special you are. Be who you are, and always do what feels right. Follow your heart, dear, and you will find the life you deserve."

Glioca is the child of a single mother, who was exiled from her clan for having seduced Glioca's father who was a Shaman to the Cimmerian patron gods. He was a high ranking Shaman, a long time follower and believer in the honor and courage of Crom and the power and fierceness of nature. He had achieved a complete state of oneness with Cimmerian nature and culture, capable of miraculous feats of strength and a near magical source of regenerative wound healing. The woman's clan forbid relations with such a practitioner of near supernatural abilities, and wasted no time in shunning her and forcing her from Conarch to live in a cave before Glioca had even been birthed.

A lifetime inside a cave had not distorted Glioca's perception of friend and foe one bit, as her surprisingly educated mother made sure to explain all facets of such to her daughter. However, living in a cave limited her to what she knew and saw in the vicinity of her cave. She was close with the wild animals, particularly the bears, and seemed to be able to communicate with them on a level that few other humans could. Her mother knew this was a gift blessed to her daughter through her father, and encouraged her daughter often to be what she is and never to hide the abilities she held within. Amazing strength for her size allowed her to break stone with a sledge as if a full grown man who'd done such for a living. An extremely keen sense of smell allowed her to seek out deer from nearly a mile away, and hunt food for herself and her mother. The ability to communicate through emotion to larger wild life such as bears left her cave like home well defended by the large animals. And perhaps most supernatural of all, her regenerative abilities that she could extend to others as well much in the way her father could.

Now reaching the age of 15, her mother knew it was time for her daughter to no longer be confined to a cave and restricted from her own independence. Her mother knew her life outside her cave like home would have to begin on this day. Glioca's father had passed on such abilities to her for a reason, her mother thought, and knew that the good intent and kind heart her daughter possessed would indeed put such abilities to use for a greater cause. Her ignorance of life outside the Plains could not hold her back. She would need to make her own choices and journies, and learn exactly what it is like to be her own person.

Her mother never explained why they lived where they did, or why they lived in such a way. To Glioca, this was her normal way of life, and there was nothing unusual about it. To Glioca, she was merely a different type of bear going about her days in her cave. She knew there was life like hers that were more civilized and densely populated. She just did not understand it, nor did she care to learn of it. But as her mother said, this day, on her fifteenth birthday... now is the time she go out and learn the world for herself and make her own mark.

Glioca is slightly shorter than average with a slender frame that conceals the innate Grizzly Bear strength she has within. Like her mother, her hair is curly and of a reddish color, with piercing brown eyes reminiscent also of a bear. She is ignorant to much of the world, but will always act as if she knows or understands and will often lie to prevent people from thinking she is stupid. Her mother had once told her to love and respect all things in life, because nothing lasts forever. She takes this to heart, and is swift with an "I love you" comment to anyone and everything she encounters. She believes in compassion and love so strongly in fact, that she would rather love and heal her fallen enemy or even prey than see them in pain any longer than they had to be for her own safety or for the sake of food.

She makes her way through Hyboria with an ignorant smile, a love for life and a willingness to befriend everyone. Her grace, strength and natural prowess as a Cimmerian and daughter of a powerful Shaman makes her a strong ally, a strong fighter, a loving healer, a loving friend and of course, a crazy-seeming young girl who thinks she is somehow more like a grizzly bear than a human.
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Glioca (Played by Jessica/"Callesto")
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