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 Stories around the fire

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PostSubject: Stories around the fire   Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:01 pm

While everyone is sitting around the central camp fire in the Guild City, Claymora suddenly stands, and walks as close to the fire as is possible without getting burned. You can see sweat pearls on her forehead as she talk:
Since we're not busy killing any crap, I don't know 'bout you, but I'm starting to get as bored as a prostitute in a convent of Mitra. I was thinking we could share stories here. You know, brag about how many Vanirs we killed, who's got the biggest d... sword, she stops and grins for a second, and so on... Don't make it last too long, we don't want to fall asleep!
She then looks around, see that people are getting out of their own thoughts and seem interested.
Heh, I've been roasting enough for now. I'll keep my stories for later. 'specially since we all know I've got the biggest sword! She grins, then moves back a little and sits, closer to the fire than she was sitting before.

((This is an easier thread to participate than the Shared Dream one, since everyone can post at their own time. Feel free to take liberties with the game rules, that's one of the things you can do on a forum. Especially since you are telling "stories", that means nobody said they had to be 100% true !
Feel free to comment on previous stories, too, like people would do around a camp fire. Please only comment the previous story, though, and stay in character!))
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PostSubject: Re: Stories around the fire   Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:18 pm

After a couple minutes of everyone looking at one another expectantly, Faucon slowly stands up and heads towards the fire.

"Oh well, I'm not one for sharing stories around the fire, but I don't mind getting closer to the fire to get rid of the mosquitoes for a little while."

He then turns to face his fellow guild members.

"What story could I tell you about... There's of course that time I battled down to the deepest hell to face a Demon Lord and ask him to honor that promise he made me, but that's a pretty long story, and I don't feel like talking that much.
I think I will tell you about when Neferoure and I actually battled through legions of servants of Set, raining fire and brimstone on our enemies.

It happened in Khopshef province, east of the city of Khopshef itself. I don't even remember why we went there. Maybe Xotli asked Neferoure to get rid of this cult leaders... Anyway, the problem is that they had a whole army of fanatics protecting them. Of course, locals told us we should find some reinforcement, that we would never be able to cut through that army by ourselves. But Neferoure and I are not the kind of people who listen to locals anyway.

So there we went. A quick scouting revealed that there was indeed a full camp of fanatics to cross before one could actually reach the leaders that were standing with their closest followers in a canyon. I'm sure some of our more barbarian friends here would have easily scaled the walls of the canyon and dropped on the leaders, but I greatly dislike any physical effort that involves more than running. And then not for too long, anyway.

So we went through the only other option: the camp. I could say it wasn't easy, but that's not really my style. Their pet snakes didn't weight much against Zophia - Zophia is my familiar demon, the one standing right there beside Neferoure, for those of you who don't know her yet." Zophia let out one of those meows she mostly speaks with.

"Anyway, after the first couple ones got reduced to a crisp before they could even realize it, the others charged us with terrifying battlecries. You know, the kind fanatics use all the time. 'Set vanquish!', 'I die for you, Lord!', and other stupidities like so. I called the heat of Amher on their heads, and Neferoure fell down a whole bunch of them by doing this trick where she plants her sword in the ground and calls forth a pillar of flames on all who stand too close.

That wasn't enough to slow down the others, though. That's the problem with fanatics. You can't really slow them down. I could only see Neferoure by looking at the columns of boiling blood gushing up, around her location. I would have sent a couple fireball her way, since Xotli won't let her be harmed by such magic, but I had my hands full enough. Zophia was by my side, clawing and biting every face she could get. I let flames gush from my hands, I threw a Detonation to a particularly fierce robed man wielding two deadly daggers, making him burst in flames and knocking everyone down." As he speaks, he lets flames erupt from his hands high into the sky, and creates an explosion from the campfire.

"Now, you might know I'm not particularly good at dodging swords and knives. The pacts I made do protect me to some degree, but I consider parrying is part of those distasteful physical activities. Plus it's really not easy throwing spells while you dodge and parry. I was not used to having to face so many enemies. I was getting ready to throw my strongest spells, calling upon the darkest and most dangerous pacts I've secured, when I suddenly found a major demon was at my side, slashing at enemies wildly with a huge sword. It took me half a second to realize that was Neferoure. If she did take her demon form, things were dire indeed. By that, I mean, they were dire before she took her demonic form. After that, and as we were reunited, things became a lot easier. As she held the enemies back, I could concentrate on my spells and rained down Hell on them. Combined with her own fury, the fight was over quite fast.

The smell of charred meat was horrifying. We could barely breathe, and we're used to it. We stepped out of the rings of black remains and ashes, and proceeded to the canyon. The rest is barely worth telling. Deprived from their followers, the leaders did provide with a barely exciting fight, but nothing close to what we had just faced.

Oh, I discovered also I had a couple cuts in my brand new robes, and that one bastard did cut cut me deeply on the hand. Nothing Zophia couldn't cure, obviously, but still, we had to torture the leaders a little bit, just to teach them a lesson. I won't go into details here, as I'm sure some people wouldn't like it too much, but rest assured it was gruesome and very satisfying." He grins evilly as he says this.

Alright, where is that wine, now?" finishes him as he goes back to his seat.
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Stories around the fire
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