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 Hetsuko (max - no relation)

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PostSubject: Hetsuko (max - no relation)   Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:10 am

[Callesto]: Um.. um, may wish to be careful, as.. to not slip..
[Hetsuko]: *looks up to the two*
[Callesto]: You um.. you asked for.. f..for Sealladhs,
[Hetsuko]: *nods*
[Psykhie]: Have you run afoul of some sort of criminal organizatoin that you need protection from?
[Psykhie]: Perhaps the Red Hand?
[Hetsuko]: *pounds chest with a loud thud, then flexes and slaps his left arm to show strength*
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie looks at the strange man curiously*
[Callesto]: and how did you hear of us?
[Callesto]: Um.. h..he.. um.. *giggles slightly* r..reminds me of.. of Ramidyous..
[Hetsuko]: *looks up at the sound of the name*
[Psykhie]: You know Ramidyous?
[Callesto]: only in the RP sense though, i hope? that we wont have to worry of troubles
[Hetsuko]: *waits for a response*
[Callesto]: *blinks curiously and tilts her head*
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie tries to read his motions and gestures but is not quite capable to make out what it meens*
[Psykhie]: Callesto, could it be he is like Malkaleth?
[Hetsuko]: *looks to the bow*
[Callesto]: Um.. oh g..goshness, m..maybe.. yes'm
[Psykhie]: You seem to like my bow.
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie shows it to him with pride*
[Hetsuko]: *nods as he takes a closer look*
[Psykhie]: So I take it you do know Ramidyous and have some buisness you wish to discuss with him.
[Hetsuko]: *shakes head*
[Psykhie]: Then what is it you wish from us?
[Psykhie]: You wish to stamp on us?
[Hetsuko]: *stamps feet and points to the ship, then looks and points to the sea*
[Psykhie]: Oh, you wish us to smugle you off this Island.
[Hetsuko]: *nods*
[Callesto]: *blushes at her suddenly very heavy eyes*
[Psykhie]: I know of a man who could help you but.... I do not know if he would be willing to deal with you yet.
[Hetsuko]: *gests the two to follow*
[Hetsuko]: *carves into the table the letters H-E-T-S-U-K-O
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie looks at the letters on the table*
[Psykhie]: H. E. T. S. U. K. O. Is this your name?
[Hetsuko]: *slaps his hands together as if trying to cram something together, then looks back to the woman*
[Callesto]: i need to slip off to bed, im dozing. psykhie will handle the rest of this and admit you, shes council
[Psykhie]: Your name is hetsuko?
[Callesto]: *wanders off wearily to the room*
[Psykhie]: Well met. My name is Psykhie.
[Hetsuko]: *leans forward attempting to hold the end of her hair as he leans in*
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie jumps back*
The ability you selected is not available at the moment.
[Hetsuko]: *looks closely at the womans braids*
[Psykhie]: Before I introduce you to this man would can get you from this Island to where ever you wish to go I have to ask a few questions of you. You see, he places a fair amount of trust in me and I would not wish to break his trust.
[Psykhie]: What are you doing?
[Hetsuko]: *takes his hair in hand and smells it, then looks up to her*
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie looks nervously*
[Hetsuko]: *steps forward and reaches again*
[Psykhie]: I have well.
[Psykhie]: I have not yet had a chance to wash it yet.
[Psykhie]: Do you have any enemys who would attempt to attack you on your voyage to where ever you intend to go?
[Hetsuko]: *nods*
[Psykhie]: You do?
[Psykhie]: He does not usually deal with..... trouble
[Psykhie]: Well, any more so then running the blockade that is.
[Hetsuko]: *shoves the chair aside and begins to carve on the table
[Hetsuko]: *cuts into the table the letters A-N-N-A*
[Psykhie]: Anna? Who is Anna?
[Psykhie]: Do you need protection from this Anna?
[Hetsuko]: *looks frustrated as if not knowing how to express himself*
[Psykhie]: You wish to kill Anna?
[Hetsuko]: *nods*
[Psykhie]: Has she done you some harm in the past?
[Hetsuko]: *nods*
[Psykhie]: Sealladh stands for Honor and Justice. We are not assassins for hire.
[Hetsuko]: *shakes head*
[Hetsuko]: *crosses his arms and makes a cradle, as if holding something precious*
[Psykhie]: She had your child?
[Hetsuko]: *shakes head*
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie gasps!*
[Psykhie]: That is horrible!
[Psykhie]: So you would like me to help you get your child back
[Hetsuko]: *nods*
[Psykhie]: I understand.
[Psykhie]: I believe I can help you with this.
[Hetsuko]: *stamps his feet on the ship once more, then points to the sea
[Psykhie] shouts: Phoenic!
[Psykhie] shouts: Have you your sea charts with you?
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie argues with him shortly then takes the charts*
[Hetsuko]: *looks curiously*
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie knocks aside the empty mugs and lays the charts on the table*
[Psykhie]: Do you know where your child is?
[Hetsuko]: *looks up and down the map, confused*
[Hetsuko]: *looks up to the woman with an idea*
[Hetsuko]: *removes his shirt to reveal a cimmerian tattoo*
[Psykhie]: Ah. You are of the Norther Tribes.
[Hetsuko]: *nods*
[Psykhie]: I believe following Thunder River north it should lead to the hills of the north. But it is a perolis journy as it marks the borders of the Pictish Wilderness.
[Psykhie]: And those savages are known to attack anyong close to thier lands.
[Hetsuko]: *nods*
[Psykhie]: Well, it can be done. I shall talk to my "friend" and see about prepairing for the journey.
[Hetsuko]: *pulls out his dagger, and cuts his hand, then lifts his hand up to the woman*
[Psykhie]: *looks at his bleeding hand and reaches into her pouch*
[Psykhie]: *finally finding a small strip of cloth she attempts to bandage his hand*
[Hetsuko]: *pulls his hand away quickly*
[Psykhie]: *looks at him puzzled*
[Hetsuko]: *pulls out the dagger in his other hand, then gests it to the woman, while holding his still bleeding hand up in waiting*
[Psykhie]: You want me to cut me hand?
[Hetsuko]: *nods*
[Psykhie]: Whatever for?
[Hetsuko]: *looks to his hand*
[Psykhie]: Oh... to seal our deal. Is that it?
[Hetsuko]: *nods*
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie accpets the dagger and makes a shallow cut across her hand and offers it out to the man*
[Psykhie]: Huh? Psykhie is taken if that is what you meant.
[Psykhie]: Oh ok. sounds interesting.
[Hetsuko]: *takes the womans hand in his own*
[Hetsuko]: *a sudden rush of energy is passed from him to her, and the wounds are sealed, leaving no scar, and not a single drop of blood*
[Hetsuko]: I am hetsuko.
[Psykhie]: *looks around startled*
[Hetsuko]: *takes the dagger from her hand*
[Psykhie]: I... I heard you speak
[Psykhie]: But your lips never moved!
[Hetsuko]: *looks at her frustrated*
[Hetsuko]: *points to her hand*
[Psykhie]: *Psykhie looks at her hand and is shocked that the cut no longer appears on her palm*
[Hetsuko]: we're bound now. no stopping it
[Psykhie]: *she thinks to herself "what manner of sorcery is this"*
[Hetsuko]: *takes the dagger out once again, and places it on the table, a smug looks runs across hetsuko's face*
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Hetsuko (max - no relation)
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