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 Psykhe - Samantha

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PostSubject: Psykhe - Samantha   Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:59 pm

In-game IC information -

Name - Psykhe
Age - 24
Path - Ranger
Guilde - Sealladh
Rank- Leader
Crafting skills - N/A

Psykhe is from the city of Ianthe in Ophir. She comes from a common family and at a young age (16) set out with her best friend to work as caravan guards. She was always a bit of a tom-boy and learned the use of a bow against her parents wishes. Her and her best friend, a boy named Nikola who had always harbored unreturned felling for her, worked for small time caravans for 2 years. After a relatively uneventful time they had been hired on to a much larger caravan to help with the guards they already had. This proved to be a major turning point in Psykhe's life. On their first job with a large caravan they were set upon by a large group of bandits. Psykhe was one of the few who survived the attack, and that was more by luck then anything else. She did however watch Nikola get butchered in front of her eyes by 4 bandits. He fought to the last and mortally wounded one of them, and the vision of the battle still haunts her to this day.

With Nikola dead and the caravan plundered and burned she had nothing left to keep her in Ophir. So at the age of 18 she started to wonder about looking for work, and information on who these bandits were. During her travels she came across a man who lead a group knows as the White Guard. After talking to him at length she agreed to join them and their cause. There she improved he skill with the bow and her abilities to track and trap. Survival was drilled into her and she became their best scout. As the White Guard hunted and killed bandits in the Barachan Isles, and especially in the city of Tortage she delivered justice to them with the brutality of an emotionless killer. She left her humanity back in Ophir, or so she thought. She did not like what she had become however she knew what she did was just and right so she did not care.

Then she met Callesto. For some reason at her first sight of the girl she desired to protect her, and was injured in the process. Her abilities with a bow had little effect against the sorcery at hand. But her force of will and utter determinations saw her threw as the assailants lost interest and left. These mages worked for Invicta, which is lead by the brother of the leader of the White Guard. So she went to speak with him and demand that these people be punished for encroaching upon the White Guard's territory (as Invicta has no authority outside of Aquilonia) and for attacking their Barons brothers people. She began to spend more and more time with Callesto after this incident and spent less time with the White Guard. When she finally did accept a job she grew careless and was run threw with a spear to the lower left of her abdomen. Thankfully the spear missed the major organs but she spent two full months recovering. During this time the White Guard never attempted to even search for her, assuming she had died. So she decided to part way with them.

Once she was relatively fit she went to Tarantia and began to look for Callesto. Callesto was the only person who ever really made her feel like she was still human inside and she had grown quite attracted to her. While recovering from her wound, and during the periods when she had regained consciousness her thoughts kept returning to Callesto. She realized she had fallen in love with the girl and hoped that she had not forgotten about her. Upon finding Callesto she learned that the girl had also developed feelings for her as well. She then decided that her time with the White Guard had come to and end, but she was not fully well and had no where to stay. Callesto let her stay at her place and tended to the wound which was mostly healed but still causing pain. Callesto had told her about the group of people she had joined up with and Psykhe decided that this would be a good place for her as well.

OOC -information

Age - 32
Location - Arizona, United States.
sex - Female
name - Samantha (or Sam).
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PostSubject: Re: Psykhe - Samantha   Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:41 am

Awww! Such a good story with such a happy ending. I didn't mention Psy in Cally's story for fear of embarrassing you, but I will go change it now accodingly! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Psykhe - Samantha   Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:22 am

Hey Sam, I like tomboy characters, and such a rich story to it so far! Nicely written.

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PostSubject: Re: Psykhe - Samantha   

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Psykhe - Samantha
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