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 Melora's story- Elodie

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PostSubject: Melora's story- Elodie   Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:26 pm

Hail everyone, I hadn’t have the chance so far to present myself (killing vanir in cimmeria is a full time activity). My name is melora and although I am considered a cimmerian my natal country was an island on the western coast of your continent. I was born a noble woman and grew up with only one goal getting married to a noble man and giving him many children (until probably my death at 35 which is a common destiny for noble women). But destiny had other plan for me.

While one day I was travelling for the wedding of my elder sister Rohana I was kidnapped by a local tyran Shalak. My red hair identify me immediately as a noble. What an unbelievable catch for this barbarian who didn’t wait to rape me and make me his concubine. Too late he realized that I could be worth a lot of money. But my father specified that if I was not anymore virgin he was not interested by paying anything for me. Although my younger brother Kennard lead a mercenaries group to rescue me. He failed and Shalak presented me the dead body of my brother so I understood that my life as a noble woman was the past. After 2 years in this hell, I gave birth to a young girl. And this is probably at the birth of my child that I realized my weakness, why didn’t I try to escape or at least to commit suicide? I was not defenceless like my child, I didn’t have the muscle of a men but I could still handle a knife and strike a man. I grew up with the idea that men will protect me, but it was the time to protect myself. I was determined, I escaped or died. But in this plan there was no place for a new born child. What should I do? Taking her with me was impossible, and letting her to another woman was unthinkable. I wanted to leave this hell where women are slave and forced to wear chains all the time to show that they belong to a man, could I leave my child there. I couldn’t and decided to kill my new born child. There is not one day that have passed since that day that I don’t think about my child. Was it an error to kill her, everyone can have their opinion and judge me but I still think that death was better than a lifetime of slavery.

That night, I stole the knife of Shalak while he was sleeping. I decided to make a long cord with the linens to escape from the window, after that I didn’t really have a plan. How I would escape the guards? One thing at a time, I was ready to die anyway so why bother doing a plan? Before leaving I decided that I wanted revenge. It can sound stupid for you but revenge in my world that was for men. I tried to cut his throat but my hands were shaking and he woke up terrifying and only later I realized that I did a poor job (anyway I’m not an assassin). He called his guards, then I knew that was the end, no more time to escape, I stood against the wall catching my breath and ready for the last stand while the guards were running in the bedroom. Then, the walls began to turn and in a few seconds I was in a dark secret passageway. I didn’t think, I run as quickly as I can without looking behind me. It took le sometimes to realize I was running outside in the forest and noone was following me. I escaped and I was alive, it would take me some time to realize it. My new life began that night.

My escape was only based on luck, my survival after that night depended on skills and not luck. I found shelter in a cave, and had to build some weapon. I had two goals, surviving and escaping Shallak’s armey that would look for me days and nights. To reach these two goals I developed ranger skills. After few months of unsuccessful research they abandoned. Then, I stroke again, one by one from hills, I shot his guards. After months of silent harassment, Shalak decided to move, I followed then, decided to do with an arrow what I was not bale to do with a knife. After a few days I realized I followed the wrong path but I was able to find their new path. On the way to them I met a caravan, from far away I recognized my clan’s flag, on a horse my elder sister Rohana pregnant, her 3rd or 4th child? I didn’t know. I looked at my elder sister and realized a part our physical caracteristics everyting was different between us. I thought again of this tragic day, and I was surprised to realize that I was not nostalgic. I didn’t regret this past life. I didn’t wear chain but was my life really different from the one at Shalak’s house? Running after Shalak had no more meaning, why taking revenge for a stolen life I didn’t regret? Without looking back once more on my sister I walked south to the coast where I boarded a pirate boat towards Cimmeria. In this land I found a strong and honourable people harassed by Vanirs. Once more my ranger skills were useful, and I was quickly adopted by the Cimmerian, that I am proud to call my people.

One day I heard of a tyrant in Tortage. Even though I had given up my personal revenge, I still have a grudge against tyrants. Shortly after arriving on the sands of Tortage, I found a body on the beach. It was a man that reminded me of my young brother (a part for the red hair). He told me he was called 27 and didn't have much to say about his past. I decided to stay with him until he got free of his slave chains. However, after defeating the tyrant of Tortage, we decided to stay together. In this world travelling with someone is a good asset, and for people like us who were alone for a long time a friend is priceless.

Some Stygian friends of 27 and I met Cally in Tarantia Common District. It seems she couldn’t stop talking about her guild Smile. They told us about it and we decided it was time to make more friends !!! Now I am hunting Vanirs in Cimmeria with 27, always hidden and tracking people around us. Some old survival habits are hard to loose.

Nice meeting you all !!!


Now let's present quickly myself.
My name is elodie. i'm french and a graduate student at OHio State University. I'm 2...., well never ask a graduate student his/her age, he/she would then realize how much time he/she have wasted doing research and pretending being still a student.

Faucon's player is my boyfriend and he introduced me to the MMO RPG world. Now I am sometimes more geek than him and can spend an entire day playing at Aoc without needing any pause Smile

I have other characters : Neferoure (Hox level 80), Ahvara (necromancer level 72), Redenvoy (tempest of set level 36), Mightyarrow (ranger level 14). I considered none of them alts or main character as each of them have their own story (most of the time inspired by book or historical character) a part for mighty arrow who should become my nomad killer on tortage.

See you all on Aoc !!
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Melora's story- Elodie
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